"I am the vine, you are the branches.  Whoever remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit...." John 15:5
It's already 9:30 am, and my 5 big kids are finally back in school after 4 snow days tacked onto the end of Christmas break!  Glad to get back into some sort of routine!

Today's "to do" list is huge.  Dress all 4 little kids (a huge ordeal after 4 PJ days) and dress myself in time for school pickup.  A shower is optional, but brushing my teeth is not.  Bake 4 loaves of gluten-free bread, make gluten-free/dairy-free/soy-free/tomato-free/bean-free beef stew so I don't starve to death over the weekend, throw cloth diapers in the laundry, vacuum the upstairs bedrooms, and make some sort of attempt to change the sheets on our beds.   All while trying to keep Joel off the computer, play Play-Doh with Maren, nurse and put Brooks down for a nap, and keep Heath from destroying our house, or at the very least, alive.  Funny texts from my husband keep distracting me, and of course Facebook keeps sucking me in. 

        "Be still, and know that I am God...." Psalm 46:10

Having a hard time feeling that one today, sorry to say, but maybe writing it down will help!

In the middle of doing all of this, Heath, who is 20 months old, once again climbs on the kitchen table.  I prefer to think of him as perfecting his balancing skills instead of being naughty. 
Is this possible?

Maren shrieks as Heath stomps her Play-Doh creations, shaking the table and kicking Play-Doh all over the kitchen.  I am reminded of Heath's family nickname---Stay Puff.

Remember this guy? 
He's the Stay Puff marshmallow
guy from Ghostbusters!

Can you see the resemblance as Heath stomps and squishes everything in his path?
                The God of glory thunders...
voice of the Lord is mighty,
                The voice of the Lord is majestic...
                The voice of the Lord shakes the desert

                        Psalm 29:3-4, 8

Perhaps "being still" to look for God is not possible for me today or even for the rest of the year.  For now, I must listen for the voice of God in the stomping and shaking of my thundering marshmallow man!



01/13/2014 11:43am

Love the stay puff marshmallow man:) Keep up the great work! You rock!!!!

01/16/2014 7:48am

Awww, thanks, Mendy! :)


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